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Mon - Fri : 3 - 9pm Sat: 7:30am - 1pm Sun: Closed
(619) 224-9600
(619) 224-9600
Mon - Fri : 3 - 9pm Sat: 7:30am - 1pm Sun: Closed

Our Programs

We teach our own unique system of Freestyle Martial Arts (FMA) which incorporates: practical streetwise self defense skills (reacting under pressure), extreme martial arts (acrobatic sport performance), traditional martial arts (karate / tae kwon do / judo), and mixed martial arts (sport grappling and kickboxing). Through our unique system of FMA, we emphasize the importance of “Character Development” such as confidence, discipline, respect, focus, and perseverance.

Tiger Tots (Age 3)

Our youngest students learn great habits for success!  Parents watch your child sit nicely, raise their hand, take turns, speak in front of their peers, practice coordination drills, and learn karate skills.

Cool Cats (Ages 4-5 preschool/kindergarten)

For over three decades we have taught pre-school and kindergarten programs teaching our children to be healthy, kind, and confident. Children develop basic martial art skills while learning positive character traits. Our Cool Cat classes are safe, fun, and an incredible life learning experience for your child.

Karate Kids (Ages 6-9)

We develop confidence, discipline, and respect through our highly acclaimed programs.  The benefits are well documented:  better grades, self-control, goal setting, improved physical abilities and social skills.  Through our program we have seen many of our students succeed in academics, athletics, and in life!

Youth/Teen (Ages 9-14)

Our comprehensive martial arts curriculum will develop coordination, increase strength, and improve flexibility while learning kickboxing, grappling, and self defense.  Empower your teen today!

Adult Martial Arts

Be healthy, fit and learn self defense in a positive, safe environment while having a blast.  Moms, Dads, and professional working adults enjoy coming to class and getting into the best shape of their lives.

S.T.A.R.S. (Ages 7-18 Special Needs)

This lively class is for students with special needs and/or the physically challenged. Emphasis is on basic Karate motor skills and manners. Seeing these students in action is really amazing! Come try this FREE class!

Play It Safe (Children of All Ages)

Have your child join in this fun, realistic self defense seminar. Students role play with a mock “Bully and Stranger” and learn to project confidence while being aware of their surroundings. This is an interactive class teaching self defense and how to verbally diffuse situations.

Women’s Self Defense

Learn self-defense techniques, tactics and strategies to be prepared for life’s worst-case scenarios. Please contact Will Jackson @ 619-224-9600 for inquiries regarding upcoming seminars or to schedule a seminar for your business, school or organization.